An apprenticeship is a job which includes training to industry standards.

BLD is proud to be the training provider for two apprenticeships:

Both of our two-year training programmes enable apprentices to train and study whilst being in paid employment with a relevant employer.  Apprentices combine their hands-on work role with off-the-job training, delivered by our experts in the Digital Forensic and Fraud Investigation fields.  We follow a blended learning model featuring face-to-face sessions, webinars and online self-study modules.  Apprentices’ learning is our passion along with our commitment to supporting employers to develop their workforce along the pathway of achieving excellence in their specific domains.

Trusted Education Partner of the Serious Fraud Office SFO
Trusted Education Partner of the Metropolitan Police MET MPS


In our two-year Digital Forensics Technician apprenticeship, students move from the fundamentals of digital forensic technical knowledge and principles to building up a more complex understanding and competency.

In the second year, students continue their studies into an increasing knowledge synthesis, culminating in hands-on digital forensics investigation workshops involving case studies. Support is continued throughout the students’ assessment period to facilitate the graduation of outstanding digital forensics technical officers.

Throughout the two years, our course follows a blended approach of lectures, practical workshops and tutorials, with the added value of software certification – our programme of study includes Cellebrite and ADF tool certification.  This ensures a meaningful pathway to developing outstanding proficiency in the field of a digital forensics technician.

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The full list of industry standards for this apprenticeship can be found on the Institute of Apprenticeships website, using the following link:



Our two-year Counter Fraud Apprenticeship Programme is a comprehensive training initiative designed to prepare individuals for a career in counter fraud and investigative roles. This apprenticeship combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience, offering apprentices the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills essential for combating fraud in a variety of sectors.

The programme provides sustained progression through the industry standards of knowledge, skills and behaviours required for accomplished Fraud Investigators. Apprentices become proficient at driving their investigations from referral through to conclusion.

Key learning areas include:

  • Specialised Investigative Techniques: Development of dynamic and contemporary skills for conducting in-depth fraud investigations.
  • Legislation and Regulatory Compliance: Comprehending the legal and regulatory landscape surrounding fraud and gaining the expertise required to apply legal principles to fraud investigations.
  • Communication and Report Writing: Acquiring enhanced communication skills for effectively conveying investigation findings. Underpinned by expertise in writing comprehensive investigative reports along with practice on presenting findings in a clear and concise manner to diverse audiences.
  • Recognising and Utilising Digital and Forensic Opportunities: Learning to navigate and analyse digital evidence in a rapidly evolving technological landscape with exploration of how to apply them in an investigation.

Our apprenticeship training team consists of experienced investigators from law enforcement backgrounds. All the trainers are actively involved in investigation work, covering areas such as insolvency, intelligence fraud, cyber fraud, cryptocurrency fraud, banking fraud, insurance fraud, distribution fraud and credit card fraud. 

Furthermore, BLD is at the forefront of training in digital investigation. Our team consists of experts in the digital investigation domains. Combined, the team assures apprentices receive and are continually exposed to up-to-date techniques and happening case studies throughout their training.

The full list of industry standards and duties of a Counter Fraud Investigator can be found on the Institute of Apprenticeships website, using the link below.

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